Pattie Edel | Large Platform
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Large Platform

Large format design has special considerations. Not all design work that reads well on a small-scale will translate well into large format. If the design is for a two-story entryway wall such as, it must interact with its environment as part of the interior decor. If it’s on a truck or signage viewed from a distance, than you need to relay a complete message in the time it takes the viewer to make a quick glance. When I design large format graphics for marketing purposes, I follow the principle of KISS. My experience has shown me that the most successful large format graphics communicate concisely with a clear simple message and strong supporting graphics. My designs are often bold, colorful and command attention. Often the assets available for large graphics are of poor quality and/or low resolution. I am able, through a variety of tricks learned through experience, to enlarge and tweak images to get the best possible reproduction. I am also adept at setting artwork to the large format printer’s specifications.

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September 27, 2017