Pattie Edel | Malt Beverages
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Malt Beverages

Developing malt beverage brands is big business now and designing packaging for it is quite enjoyable. Beer has many different personalities, from the down-home folksy style to the classic old world German feel, I have been adept at switching gears and creating both designs that are whimsical and designs that suggest history. Due to the beer market being heavily saturated, consideration is given to the shelf placement, colors and varieties of product that can compete. Often a visit to a liquor store is a good start to get inspiration. I have worked on domestic beer as well as imported beer. Beer labeling is more restrictive with the supplier often having a set size for that label. They also have limited in printing options, such as, there is generally no foil stamping or embossing. That said, there’s still lots of creative ways develop a distinct identity for the brand.

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September 27, 2017