Pattie Edel | Point of Sale
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Point of Sale

Point of sale design covers a range of project types such as pallet wraps, case cards, posters, etc.. Anything that goes into the retail environment requires careful consideration. For example, a pallet skirt featured in a big box retail store must grab the consumer’s attention away from all the distractions and visual noise on the floor. Tackling this requires insight into the set up of the store, pallet placement, observing what’s popping out and what’s not grabbing attention in that area. If a store visit is not an option I will work with the customer to figure out what would work best. POS materials usually have one important message, that being a value to the consumer. The trick is to relay that message efficiently without confusion. Sometimes it’s as simple as a reminder to not forget the wine, with a visual representation of some sort of event where wine is necessary, such as, Thanksgiving dinner.

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September 27, 2017