Pattie Edel | Imported Spirits
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Imported Spirits

Many imported spirits are bottled and labeled in the US but some are imported fully decorated. Designing for brands bottled and packaged overseas can have some snags. Often times the first version we have requires revision do to any number of issues, such as dieline restrictions or budget constraints. I use my experience to develop packaging that doesn’t suffer in any way from those limitations. I use all the tricks available in my toolbox such as, finishing with texture varnish or embossing, substrate choice and bottle of choice, to try to create the best possible product. Often American designers such as myself push the boundaries more than they are comfortable with overseas, often they adhere to a long tradition of classicism in packaging design so one has consider the suppliers aesthetics while keeping the American consumers taste in mind. Often there’s a bit of push and pull but in the end ultimately the results are well Worth the effort.

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October 11, 2017